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LS Cable & System

Explore our streamlined solutions for LAN, Fiber Optic, and FTTX needs. With specialized divisions and a track record of excellence, we’re your trusted partner in Indonesia’s infrastructure projects.

Structured Cabling System

LS Cable & System offers top of the line high performance copper products that set the bar for industry standards. LS Cable & System provides a diverse product range that allows for flexiible implementation in a challening enviornment to meet all of our customer’s needs. All products are designed to support current and future network growth needs as well as the integration of emerging technologies. Each system contains full connectivity, comprising of cables,patch panels, patch cords, modular jacks, and patch cords that support all
LAN applications including VolP and Power over Ethernet.

Copper Cable

LS Twisted Pair Cables are all ETL Verified, UL Listed, RoHS compliant. It is capable of handling full broadband and baseband video signals. Standardized with high flame retardant grade of the cable is protected propagation of fire (Plenum Cable). Electrical performances comply and exceed ANSI/TIA-568-C.2.


LS Simple™ Modular Jacks are designed and manufactured to meet today’s and tomorrow’s demanding international standards. They take into consideration the need for reliable and quick installations.

Patch Panel

LS Simple™ Patch Panel designed for customer convenience, cabling with high density available at outlet and equipment room. Shielded and unshielded solutions are supported. All components have high flame retardant properties

Patch Cord

LS Simple™ Patch Cords are factory terminated, providing the quality required to support your channel requirements. They are fully booted and have clip protection for simple removal.

Fiber System

LS Cable & System fiber solutions provide rugged, high quality, powerful products that can perform under themost extreme conditions. LS Cable & System fiber solutions offer a unique variety of products including simplex and duplex cords, buffered Aramid yarn strength fiber distribution cables, single and double jacketed loose tube cables, fiber distribution frames, optical adaptor and connectors, and fiber patch cords. Additionally, LS Cable & System fiber solution cables are designed to future-proof further needed installations at 1Gb/s or 10Gb/s today, and are easily upgradeable to the 40Gb/s and 100Gb/s speeds of the future. All products are manufactured to comply with ISO/IEC 11801, EN50173-1 and ANSI/TIA/ETA 568C international standard and optimized Outside Plant product and service are ready to be provided.

Fiber Optic Cable

LS Simple™ Fiber Optic Cable is fully designed & developed by LS and can meet variable types of structure and installation requirements based on remarkable Research & Development practices and historic production experiences. LS Fiber Optic Cable can be adopted for variable applications which cover indoor, outdoor, duct and direct burial installation circumstances with essential requirements.

Fiber Distribution Frame

LS Simple™ Fiber Distribution Frame is designed to exceed performance standards.
Mounted in 19″ rack and can be used in modules. Includes fiber cable wire management, tray, accessories and installation guide in each box. Furthermore, customer can easily use its convenient frontal cabling management.

Fiber Connectivity

LS Simple™ Fiber Connectivity offers fiber optic connector and adaptor which are available on easy installation in the field without adhesive & polishing. And this provides high performance interconnections with very low insertion loss and performance exceeds ANSI/TIA-568-A. This is also available on LC, SC, FC, ST, MTP type connector or adaptor according to customer use interface.

Rack & Work Area Solution

LS Simple™ Work Area cabling system provides outlets of faceplates, surface mounted box, back box etc. and
consolidation box and 6-port & 12-port mini panel solution adequate for consolidation points. also the 8P8e
shielded/unshielded modular plug warrants the superior transmission quality with dedicated termination tool use
and supply the convenience on site with exclusive plug & boot design.


LS Cable & System Termination Tools provide you with everything needed to test and terminate cables. These include Termination Tools for a variety of modular jacks, Punching Down Tools, Cable Strippers, as well as Crimping Tools that are designed for easy use and efficiency.

Outlet Connectivity

LS Cable & System Work Area solutions are designed and manufactured to provide our customers with a wide variety of products to satisfy a variety of
network needs from Empty Panels & Outlets to hold shielded/unshielded Modular Jacks to Fiber Adaptors, Couples, etc.

Rack Solution

LS Cable & System Rack solutions are designed to provide maximum efficiency for space optimization as possible while providing high quality durable parts that will last. The LS Simple Closet™ is built to withstand tough conditions with reinforced materials allowing for unsurpassed strength and durability. The high density rack is ideal for supporting FDF (Fiber Distribution Frame), Patch Panels, High Density Blocks, Cabling and other telecommunication equipment. Built-in thermal management features provide optimal air-circulation with a perforation ration of over 70%.

Coaxial & Control Cables

LS Cable & System Cabling Solutions provide durable coaxial cables & antenna feeder system that are tested extensively in every known simulated environmental and electrical performance condition. This guarantees reliable and trouble-free when put to use. While control cables provide signal transmission for electronic applications and security systems. They are flame retardant and eco-friendly according to the application.

RG Cable

LS Cable & System coaxial cables are engineered and manufactured in a variety of sizes and materials, each offering unique benefits needed for physical, electrical and other various applications. Coaxial cable choices include broadband, standard analog, precision video for analog and digital, bundled RGB, high-flex SVHS, video triax, conformable coax and more.

RF Feeder System

The antenna feeder coaxial cables used for RF communication systems incorporate high foaming polyethylene insulation technology to minimize signal loss. They have excellent electric features such as low damping and reflection coefficient. Furthermore, they have high flexion features due to high flexibility.

Control Cable

LS Cable & System control cables are highly-shielded and thus applicable to
precision equipment, and are excellent at preventing intervention and external noise during signal transmission.

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