Wall Mounted 110 Block

The Simple GXCTM Category 6 Wall Mount Patching Rack fully meet the requirements set out in ANSI/TIA-568-C.2(Category6), ISO/IEC 11801 by coupling-pin technology.
The various size of wall mount rack, 240, 320 and 400-pair etc., is available.
IDCs interval of Category 6 connecting block is generally larger than that of Category 5e to reduce the capacitance coupling and improve the electrical performance, but this block provides convenience for operator to use conventional multi-pin punch down tool with same IDCs interval as Category 5e.
This block is ideal for use in cross connects, consolidation point and it’s possible to cover the conventional patch panel owing to superior electrical performance.
Conventional patch panel use 12 cable connections in 1U space but this block is extended up to 20 connections in same space. This compact installation has a definitely lot of benefits for system design.
This block comes with 110 terminal block, wiring base block, wiring label and label holder for T568A/T568B Configuration.
(Unshielded Category 6 110 Wiring Block 240-port Wall Mount Rack)
· Horizontal Distribution & Backbone Cabling
· 4/16 Mbps Token Ring (IEEE 802.5)
· 10/100/1000 1G BASE-T (IEEE 802.3)
· 155 Mbps
· 100Mbps TP-PMD
·1.2G LAN
· Analog & digital voice(VOIP) and video
· Full broadband and baseband video
· RoHS Compliant
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