LS Simple Closet™ provides unsurpassed strength, stability and durability for supporting FDF, patch panel, blocks, cabling in TR or ER and offer high quality, costeffective solution for patch panels and network switches, save floor space than a 4post cabinet or Rack.
• 19inch rack standard cabinet rack
• TIA/EIA 310-D compliant 2post rack, RoHS compliant
• Detachable side VCM(Vertical cable management)(option)
• Load capability: Max. 1000kg
• Black color
• M5 Slim-Nut & bolt included
Part Numbers
2Post open rack(36U) LS-OR-PAT-36A-EX
2Post Open Rack (40U) LS-OR-PAT-40A-EX
2Post Open Rack (44U) LS-OR-PAT-44A-EX
Vertical management for (36U) LS-OR-PATV36A-EX
Vertical management for (40U) LS-OR-PATV40A-EX
Vertical management for (44U) LS-OR-PATV44A-EX
Plinth of under floor base 4post supporter LS-OR-PATP-30A-EX
Acccessory Rack Holder on the wall LS-OR-PATS-A-EX
Cable patching or equipment loading
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