MCF 144C 1U

LS Simple™ HD Fiber Distribution Frame is ideal for high density patching system such data center solution.
It’s configured of 4 module LC 36-core adaptor panel or cassette (max. LC 144-core per 1U FDF), so has benefits for convenient installation & maintenance.
Sometimes make it easy to hybrid system design with copper cabling systems.
. LS-FDF-1U-EP-O (FDF 1U, Empty enclosing body, outer type)
. LS-FDF-1U-EP-D (FDF 1U, Empty enclosing body, drawer type)
. LS-FDP-BK-4M (4 module empty front panel for FDM, MCF)
. LS-FDM-LC-4M-36-SM(MM)(M3) (Fiber Distribution Adaptor Panel, LC 36-core)
. LS-MCF-LC-4M-36-SM(MM)(M3) (Multi-connection Fiber Frame, LC 36-core)
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