LS Simple Closetâ„¢ provides unsurpassed strength, stability and durability for supporting FDF, patch panel, high-density blocks, cabling and other telecommunication equipments
The HDR(High-Density Rack) of 4Post server provides low cost mounting means for rack-mount equipment for data center of serve room and provides ideal solution for your data center system & can provide open frame only to flow hot or cold air quickly. It included the cooling fans on Top panel & Plinth panel. And It can remove side, front panel & rear panel form main frame to offer easy & fast access to installed equipment & cabling.
Server Rack(31U): LS-HDR-SVR31A-EX
Server Rack(36U): LS-HDR-SVR36A-EX
Server Rack(40U): LS-HDR-SVR40A-EX
Server Rack(42U): LS-HDR-SVR42A-EX
Server Rack(45U): LS-HDR-SVR45A-EX
Server Rack(45U): LS-HDR-SVR45D-EX (Depth 1100mm)
Network Rack(36U):LS-HDR-NWK36A-EX
Network Rack(40U):LS-HDR-NWK40A-EX
Network Rack(42U):LS-HDR-NWK42A-EX
Network Rack(45U):LS-HDR-NWK45A-EX
Cabling patching or equipment loading and Data Center in ER
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