LS Simple™ MPO/MTP Fiber Distribution Frame is case which is installed for MPO/MTP cassette modules and MPO/MTP adapter panels. This product includes the metallic case,
cable protective guide, cable management and other necessary materials to array MPO/MTP cable. The MPO/MTP Modular Panel is installed on the international standard (ETSI 19*) equipment rack or cabinet rack.
. LS-FDF-MC1U-EP4M-O (MPO/MTP Empty Modular Panel, 4 Module Outer type (LS-FDF-1U-EP-O + LS-FDP-BK-4M)
. LS-FDF-MC1U-EP4M-D (MPO/MTP Empty Modular Panel, 4 Module Drawer type (LS-FDF-1U-EP-D + LS-FDP-BK-4M)
. LS-FDF-MC2U-EP8M-O (MPO/MTP Empty Modular Panel, 8 Module Outer type (LS-FDF-2U-EP-O + 2pcs LS-LS-FDP-BK-4M)
. LS-FDF-MC3U-EP12M-O (MPO/MTP Empty Modular Panel, 12 Module Outer type (LS-FDF-3U-EP-O + 3pcs LS-FDP-BK-4M)
. LS-FDF-MC4U-EP16M-O (MPO/MTP Empty Modular Panel, 16 Module Outer type (LS-FDF-4U-EP-O + 4pcs LS-FDP-BK-4M)
. Telecommunication network, Data Center
. Data Processing Systems
. LAN and WAN (IEEE 802.3ba, 100BASE-FX, 10GBASE-LX4, 10GBASE-ER/EW, 40GBASE-LR4, 100GBASE-ER4 etc.)
. Fiber Optic Test & Measurement System
. Capacity : up to 144fiber core per 1U
. 4 spaces for MPO/MTP Cassette or MPO/MTP adapter panel
. Poly-carbonate (PC) material for front cable management
. 19″ rack mountable 1U~4U
. Transport & Storage temperature : 0℃~70℃
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