LS Simple Closetâ„¢ provides unsurpassed strength, stability and durability for supporting FDF, patch panel, high-density blocks, cabling and other telecommunication equipments.
LS Cabinet Racks also provide low cost mounting means for rack-mount equipment for ideal data center or IBS telecommunication rooms.
As well as if additional function which are fan, shelf are needed, optional latches can be added more.
Also, this economical switch (L2, L3) cabinet is ideally suited for the most common types of switch deployments.
CABINET RACK 19″ 22U, D750mm : LS-CR-22-2430-EX
CABINET RACK 19″ 27U, D750mm : LS-CR-27-2430-EX
CABINET RACK 19″ 31U, D750mm : LS-CR-31-2430-EX
CABINET RACK 19″ 36U, D750mm : LS-CR-36-2430-EX
CABINET RACK 19″ 40U, D750mm : LS-CR-40-2430-EX
CABINET RACK 19″ 42U, D750mm : LS-CR-42-2430-EX
CABINET RACK 19″ 42U, D1000mm : LS-CR-42-2430-EX (D1000)
CABINET RACK 19″ 45U, D750mm : LS-CR-45-2430-EX
Patching in telecommunication Room
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